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Adoption Maximalists in Frontier Markets

Investing in misunderstood and underappreciated markets through a focus on long-term adoption trends.

about us

Our investment firm

An advisor to individuals, family offices, foundations, hedge funds, insurance companies, and wealth advisors looking for thoughtful and unique investment opportunities in frontier markets. 

We invest in

Frontier Markets

Including technologies and emerging markets at the forefront of technology. They enable powerful and disruptive real-world solutions. This includes Web3, AI, FinTech, and any other misunderstood or underappreciated assets of our time.

We are

Adoption Maximalists

A vision that transcends temporary and cyclical factors. We are focused on identifying projects that have a strong potential for adoption and usage, the ability to disrupt existing industries and create new markets, and are based on their actual potential, rather than just short-term market sentiment.

Established Year
Top Performing Fund (2023)
Team Members
Investment Opportunities

Public Markets

Broader, transparent trading of assets, such as tokens, on regulated exchanges offering liquidity and accessibility.

Adoption is Everything

Using a dual approach of seamlessly integrating quantitative and fundamental analysis in its investment strategies to make holistic investment decisions.

Proof of Adoption ™

Proprietary model which assesses the rate and scale of adoption, offering a quantifiable measure to gauge the current and potential impact of the underlying goods and services in a market segment.

Investment Opportunities

Private Markets

Gain exposure to the real economy  through primaries, secondaries and co-investment vehicles.

Active Investing

We do not believe in passive investing where the only support provided to our portfolio companies is financial capital. We partner with founders and their teams to encourage a shared vision for success.

P21 Partners: Human and Intellectual Capital Partner

Going beyond financial capital: our exclusive strategy and execution consulting arm works closely with company management and teams, leveraging our deep operational knowledge and experience, and capabilities to help build, scale, and monetize our portfolio companies.

Investment Opportunities

Industries we invest in

Web3 Technologies

Represent a paradigm shift in how we interact with the internet through distributed ownership, control, and value structures using blockchain technology, smart contracts, and digital assets.

Artificial Intelligence
Intelligent Technologies

At the forefront of the fourth industrial revolution; are advancements in AI, robotics, and neural networks, focusing on creating systems that can learn, adapt, and perform tasks that typically require human intelligence.

Internet of Things
Financial Technologies

Revolutionizing the financial sector by introducing digital solutions that make financial services more accessible, secure, and efficient through technologies like digital wallets and digital identities.


Our partners

Hamiz Awan
Hamiz Awan
Founder, Partner, Quant and Technology Lead
Richard Raizes
Richard Raizes
Partner, Fundamental Research LeaD